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From: [personal profile] angelina

...I must concur. May 2012 treat us all much better than 2011 did.

Also, I got your guys' card, thank you so much! <33333
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From: [personal profile] pauamma

Speaking of cards... - Let's never speak of 2011 again

(seen in naamah_darling's journal)

Although 2011 wasn't nearly as bad for me as for you guys, I think.
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From: [personal profile] angelina

Re: Speaking of cards...

Hahaha, I like that. XD

Mine wasn't THAT bad either, all things considered, but it wasn't that great, and I know a lot of people for whom it was even worse. =( Glad yours didn't go as poorly, but even so here's hoping that 2012 treats you better. <3333


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